Varsovalainen koulu etsii ystäväkoulua


We are group of schools, member of Community Educational Society ( founded by parents and teachers in June 1989, which includes social Primary Community School No. 2 and Junior Community High School No. 333 in Warsaw.

Our schools have friendly atmosphere and they treat their students individually. We care of student's interests and get them involved in working on projects together with different schools. Our students do a lot of charity work e.g. they engaged themselves in supporting children from Ruanda.

Our teachers extend the official syllabus by creating their own educational projects.

We really appreciate cooperation of our parents. Students, teachers and parents work together in harmony what's beneficial for children’s education.

The school has got a prestigious certificate "Szkoła z klasą" (High-quality school).

Being fascinated by the methodology and results of Finish education system we are looking for very good, distinguishing in something (results, methodology, teaching scope,...), similar size primary school (according to Finish system) which would be willing to cooperate directly with us in the following matters:

- pupils exchange (levels V-VI and VII-VIII)

- exchange of experience concerning teaching’s scope and methodology as well as school’s organisation

- internship for teachers (teachers exchange).

All interested in cooperation or willing help in establishing such cooperation please contact us by e-mail: